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Let's wear a kimono and take a photo with your wisehed.


We can take photos as you wish. Let's wear a kimono and take wonderful photos. Whether you want photos with your family or special places, we can help. Please feel free to contact us.

While you wait for your photos, you can stroll around the city. We will introduce you to historic shrines and delicious local food.

Please contact us if you need transportation. We will pick you up free of charge from Shin-Fuji Station or Fuji Station.

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What is KIMONO?

KIMONO is Japanese  clothing and refers to traditional Japanese folk costumes. Japanese clothes are basically long clothes and obi, and various other items such as tabi socks, undergarments, hem guards, long undergarments, long clothes, and accessories are also worn. There is an image that Japanese clothes = kimono, but there are many different types of kimono, and they are used depending on the occasion.

Let's wear traditional Japanese clothing and enjoy a professional photo shoot!

What and Where is Sengen Shrine?

Sengen Taisha is very histrical Shrine in Japan.

There are very beautiful historical buildings and a pond designated as a natural monument.

Cherry blossoms bloom in the spring, and you can see the autumn leaves in the fall. 30 seconds walk from Wakutama Photo Studio. Wear a beautiful kimono and take photos at a beautiful shrine

Sengen Shrine Official WEB Site

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Please do not hesitate to ask us if you have any questions.
​We will answer within 2 open day.

20-7 Motoshiro-Cho Fujinomiya City

Shizuoka, JAPAN 418-0064

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